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Trust, Integrity, Security, Respect & Dedicated

By the grace from God and understanding the value of human life, PT. Wahyu Kartumasindo International began its existence in 1991. By continually upholding our principles of Trust, Integrity, Security, Respect, and Dedication, we have managed to become one of the most renowned and experienced manufacturer in the card printing industry. Since 1994, PT. Wahyu Kartumasindo International has officially held a security printing license issued by the Indonesian intelligence Agency (BIN, Botasupal).


We offer only the best quality cards by applying state of the art technology, appointing well trained human resources and utilizing the best materials available in our printing process to meet our customer requirement. We realize the highly competitive nature of the card printing industry. Which is why we never cease to invest in state of the art technology that will further enhance the quality of our products and meet your demands.

Confidentiality of our clients is also retained by applying codification, numbering and other security enhancing systems. As for the personalization data, customer data will be transferred and protected by state of the art asynchronous encryption-decryption system. Just like you, we are committed to deliver our products on time just like every reliable business partner should. All of our quality products and value added services come in at the best value for your money.

The future is what we make today, we see this as a challenge that we answer by continually immersing ourselves in reach and development. This commitment is what has brought us to where we are today, a position that is shared with you as our valued customer and it is a commitment that we shall uphold well into the future.

Our Products

Gift Cards

Electronic gift vouchers are more than just a current trend, gift cards demonstrably bring your company more sales and are also one of the most effective instruments for customer loyalty.


One of our plants is entirely intended for the personalization of phone cards, with totally automated production systems which avoid any possible risk of duplicate.

Banking Card

Our factory PT. Wahyu Kartumasindo International is now certified as Visa / Master International vendor that has been able to produce a Banking Card.

Government ID

We support the printing of the cards in the form of government ID card programs such as driver's licenses / SIM in Indonesia, Taxpayer Identification Number / NPWP in Indonesia, Etc.

Royalty ID

A complete offer for any loyalty program from a pack made up of a card and key tags, each personalized with the same barcode as the card to more impact products.


This type of security card is suitable for private institutions(e,g. emplyee ID cards) as well as government and military organizations (e.g. national ID card/KTP).

Our Work

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